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Faculty of Engineering Science

Kuenneth Group - Materials Informatics - Prof. Dr. Christopher Künneth

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Open Positions 

I am constantly looking for talented folks with a materials, informatics, chemistry, or physics background who are highly motivated to work in the exciting interdisciplinary field of materials informatics. 

PostDoc and other positions

If you are interested in applying for an Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellowship, Alexander von Humboldt Capes-Humboldt Research Fellowship, or Alexander von Humboldt Georg Forster Research Fellowship please directly contact Christopher Künneth.

PhD positions

Open graduate researcher (PhD) position in materials informatics. As soon as possible. Please contact Christopher Künneth for questions. Link

Master and Bachelor thesis

Master and Bachelor thesis are always available.  Propose your own topic or contact Christopher Künneth for available topics.

Webmaster: Christopher Künneth

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