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Faculty of Engineering Science

Kuenneth Group - Materials Informatics - Prof. Dr. Christopher Künneth

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We democratize machine learning in materials science, making materials discovery, design, development, and deployment faster, more streamlined, and accessible. 

We are hiring. Please see Open Positions for more information.

📜 08.08.2023 Two more awesome papers by the group! About "polymer blend informatics" in MRS Bulletin and on "zwitterionic bioderived block copolymers" (with Meike Leiske) in Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics.
👥 01.08.2023 The Kuenneth group is now a member of the Bavarian Center for Battery Technology (BayBatt), Bayreuth Center for Material Science and Engineering (BayMAT), and Jena-Bayreuth Joint Lab for Polymers.
📜 18.07.2023 Check out this cool new paper and article of the group that's out in Nature Communications! Large language models are going to be game-changers in materials research.
🤗 17.07.2023 Ibrahim joins the group as a bachelor student. He's working on AutoML methods for polymer property predictions.
🔑 28.06.2023 Chris gives a keynote talk at the "Mineral-bonded composites for enhanced structural impact safety" in the beautiful city of Prague at the DFG GRK2250. https://www.grk2250.de/
🤗 01.06.2023 Nikita Agrawal joins the group as a master student. She's working on a molecule to polymer transfer learning project.
🖥 15.05.2023 Galadriel is the new GPU server of the Kuenneth Group and has 4 powerful A100 GPUs and 100 cores.
15.03.2023 Chris joins UBT and establishes the Kuenneth group.


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